Need MM phono stage under $300

I am running an Onkyo 806 receiver, B&O Beogram 8000 turntable with MMC20 cartridge, and Polk LSI9 speakers. I intend to get a better amp and use the 806 as a preamp. While the 806 claims to have a phono stage, it leaves a lot to be desired so I am interested in a separate phono stage. The guy that I bought my B&O from raves about the TC 760-LC phono stage and says that I need to spend $1000 or more to get anything better. I had budgeted $300 for this and $700 for the amp. Any advice you guys can give me?
Graham Slee SE is my suggestion...used it should be a little less than $300, fwiw it was a TAS recommended component up until this year, and reviews are numerous.

Good luck, oh, and it can do high output MC as well.
Another well regarded phono stage that is at the top of your price range is a used Lehman Black Cube. Plug-n-play upgrade available by adding PWX power supply at a later date.
I have a B&O 8002 table and use the Vista Audio Phono-1 phono stage. It's $299 and sounds fabulous.
Shure se20
Maybe google reviews on some of these products.[]
I have a B&O 9000 w/MMC1 and MMC2 carts. and I use a Gram Slee phono pre - sounds great and cost me about $175 used.