Need MFA Magus B pre-amp schematic

I lost the schematic that came with the manufacturer's manual. After I modified preamp, it has some problems (it's my own fault; none of MFA). Can someone find me the schematic, please? (I couldn't find it from the net.)
I have one in my manual that I could photocopy and send you for a small fee.
Sorry for the mistake, Hivision - the schematic I have is for a Magus A2 not a B version. If you think it will work I will gladly send it though.
If you are still looking for the schematic, I can scan mine and email it to you.

Please advise if still needed.

need schematic
Hi Ahdioohiles,
I need a schematic for a Magus A-2 pre-amp.
Please let me know if anyone has it.
I have got an early one and a late one can send both

gravity at macomb dot com email address
I have an early schematic I found and a later one that Scott sent me