Need McIntosh service advice

Several years back I purchased a McIntosh MA7000 solid state Amp from a reputable online dealer.  The Amp is in mint condition. I used the amp for about 6 months and it worked great.  The amp began over heating on the left channel.  I emailed Mcintosh service and they said the problem was the output circuit.  I took it to an authorized McIntosh repair shop. They keep it for about 5 months and fixed it.  I used it about 6 hours and the left channel overheated again.  My concern is that the authorized repairman did not have enough expertise in a beastly amp like the MA7000.  Any thoughts?


Unfortunately, there are very few good techs around.  I remember when I was using a lot of electronic musical instruments, there was only one guy who could really fix them so they stayed fixed.  I think you're only option is to call the dealer and the shop that fixed it and tell them what happened.  Sorry - it's definitely a pain. 

Elite Audio Tech - Randy Vikan in Washington State - Fixed factory defect in some Mac gear of mine. Only works on Mac.

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I have nothing but positive thoughts and respect for Audio Classics. Have dealt with Ryan several times. A really upstanding and knowledgeable guy. Heck of a tech. 

tbevan, my sympathies. I live in southern California. I've owned McIntosh components since 1980. It's true, there are very few good techs around, including those that are McIntosh authorized repair shops. Over time, I've learned to just bite the bulllet, pay the shipping costs, and have sent two components back to the factory. Both were repaired beautifully. Also sent one component to Audio Classics with great results. There's a wait time, but it's worth it to get quality work. BTW, has anyone had success with a good repair shop in southern California? Just curious. 

OP never says where he lives. Nice follow up. I guess he did his own research.


OP never says where he lives.


Its a secret!

Especially when asking where to send something?