Need Mcintosh Pro advice Vintage Tube AMP

Hello All,

I finally decide to join Mcintosh club:)
I'm looking for good Mcintosh Tube amp.
As understand the MC75 are great monoblocks and sound really good ,I also consider the 275 (Not the reissue).

My questions are:
1.My big Q:
I understand there are versions of MC75 and Mc275 that can support 110-220,Can anyone tell which version ?how can I know if MC75/275 are supprting 110-220?
2.Is there a difference in sound between MC75 and MC275?any recommendations?
3.Regarding MC275-I understand in newer versions Mcintosh stop building the amp point to point ,How does it effect of the Amp?Till what version the MC275 build as the original ones?

Many Many Thanks!
Unless you are a collector, you will pay more for a vintage 275 than a used Mk-IV or Mk-V (the two latest models) and you will not get as good sounding an amp for your money as the two latest models. The IV and V are identical in that they both have:

1. Detachable power cords
2. 490V power transformers (420V in previous models)
3. Balanced circuit topology and balanced inputs
4. Lo-maintenance polished stainless steel chassis
5. Tube-cooling chimneys
6. 90W/ch output (75W/ch in previous models)
7. 180W mono (150W previous models)
8. Sturdy powder-coated tube cage and transformer cans
9. Lo noise short trace main board (better than point/point IMO)
10, Improved quality pcb components (resistors, caps, diodes.)

The difference(s) between the IV and the V are:

1. The Model V contains NO LEAD (RoHS for marketing in the EU)
2. The V has modern 5-way speaker binding posts; the IV has barrier strips.
3. The V has no input attenuators for single ended input operation.

There is no sonic difference as far as anyone can tell.
I don't know if it's easy/possible to convert the operating voltage -- contact the factory.

A fully restored, reliable, mint pair of used MC75's will cost you upwards of $6000. You could by a pair of lightly used mint MC275 IV's or V's for $5000 and run them mono @ 180W/ channel instead of 75W/channel with a pair of MC75's (which BTW you could not run with balanced interconnects!) So why would you want MC75's, unless of course you have decided to collect vintage amps?
Thanks a lot Nsgarch.

I have search a lot from the Mcintosh and I understand the MC75 are great amp even with today standards.
In some forum people reports that they sound better than the 275 due the sperated power supply and separted chassis.

Regarding the 110-220 I tried email the Factory but didn't recived an answer for almost 2 weeks .
I adviced some1 who convert MC75 froom 110->220 but all he knows they change the taps on the power supply.
can some one please look on the schemae or the in case he have MC75 and check this issue for me?
Here is a great site for Mcintosh gear.
I think McIntosh is coming out with a limited run of MC75 amps with C22 pre-amps packaged together for somewhere around 15K. Nice if you have the coin.
Scubi -- call or email Terry DeWick Terry is one of our best McIntosh repair/restore people. He can answer all your technical questions as well as, or better than the factory.

If you want a quicker response from factory personnel, go to this page and call Chuck Hinton or Ron Cornelius.

Vintage amps (like the MC75) have certain (vintage) sonic charms and colors, but can't compete with the power, accuracy, and detail of the modern versions. The Unity Coupled Circuit for driving the power tubes in all McIntosh tube amps is the same today as it was in 1959. But when you add bigger power transformers, better wiring and internal components, and balanced circuits, there's no way you won't get more life-like sound.

I'm sure there are vintage audio collectors who refuse to clean their vintage LP's because they prefer an "authentic" sound; and that's OK with me. But I know they could sound a lot better if they were cleaned and played on modern equipment. In other words, "Please don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining!"