Need Marantz Tech

I am posting this for a friend of mine thats up there in years now and is not on the internet. He has a Marantz 19 Receiver he has had since new. Finally it is beginning to glitch at times. Such as a channel dropping out, then coming back on and a few other niggling things. Is there anyone out there that has the skill and the knowledge to service this great classic from Marantz. I would hate to see a hack job done on this. The unit is absolutely pristine. The scope still works, but a wee bit dim now.

I have checked this out for loose or corroded connections and that is not an issue
Evening Ferrari,

ABSOLUTELY!!! check "i rebuild Marantz" under Marantz repair on Google...

The gentlemen is as nice as they come, was a tech for Marantz for over 10 years and is as ANAL as i am...:)

He can go through EVERYTHING from cord to lights and update with ceramics and parts more current to today's standards.

He did an INCREDIBLE mechanical and cosmetic job on my 2325 receiver all for under four hundred dollars!
Please tell him Jake from Phoenix told you to get in touch,

Good luck
Check out Terry Dewickt in Tn or Kt,I forget.He has a website,good luck,Bob
Get in touch with member "JBLMAR" at AudioKarma, who is a technician who specializes in vintage Marantz repairs.


You can try John at Northwest Audio Services. His labor is fair and is a very honest person and can give you another tech for reference if he can't fix it.

(206) 728-0369
7614 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103