Need Manual On Vintage Model MB-300 / MB-450 With Ammeter on Front Panel

I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with a copy of a VTL manual (or the procedure) that teaches how to bias a vintage MB-300 / MB-450 with the Ammeter on the front panel.  I just purchased VTL amps having an MB-300 chassis that was converted to an MB-450 (has been in storage for years).  It came with a manual for the MB-450 but the test nodes are different and the procedure disclosed within the manual is also appears to be different. 

My MB-450 has the following:1. Ammeter on the front panel of the amp with an 8 position switch.2. Two test nodes in the center of the chassis.  There appears to be a switch or potentiometer between the two test nodes.3. Eight adjustments towards the back of the chassis near the two power capacitors (I assume each corresponds to a 6550 tube).
Thank you up front for any help you can provide.Regardsgwho