Need manual for Golden Tube SI50 MkII

Would appreciate if any user or ex user share with me the manual (not schematic) of Golden Tube's Si-50 mkII.
Need instructions for bias pot accessible from top of unit.
Too lazy to trace it. Thanks.
I have the amp and manual.
If you still need the manual let me know and I will scan it and send it to you.

Here is a summary of the procedure: First let the amp warm up for at least 15 minutes. (With no music playing) Press the mute button until the power LED flashes orange. (2 to 3 seconds) Using the pots on top of the unit, adjust until the LED's are lit for each tube (Pot 1-mute led, pot 2-input 1, pot 3-input 2, pot 4-input 3). The LED's will be solid or blinking. Blinking means a week tube but it's still ok for operation. The biasing interacts so you might need to adjust all the pots several times. Also, when the adjustment is way out you will hear noise from the speakers.
When you are done press the mute button until the LED's return to normal. ( 2 to 3 seconds )

Thanks a lot SD58.