Need Maggie MG-2C help....

I just recently got a nice pair of these. Very clean, no torn ribbons, and no rattles. First, I'm using a Counterpoint SA-100 amp that's 170 wpc @ 4 ohms. This amp was great on my SMG's, but seems a bit weak on the MG-2C's. Would I be better off with something in the 400 wpc range? Second, I finally got them positioned right where the soundstage is large and has a prominent center image. But to me these speakers seem to be a little harsh in the midrange area, something I didn't experience with the SMG's. So have any of you had this same problem? I was thinking of changing the x-overs, but not sure what to get. Any help appreciated!Thanks,Danton
I don't know the speaker in question, but more power is always better with Maggies.

If you have not been to try it. Click on Planar/statics/Ribbons speakers. Ask the question there. You'll get the best info from Mart and other inmates regarding crossover modes.

Good luck
What version of the SMG do you have ? I can help but need to know before I can give you an answer. I have owned over a dozen Maggies of various types.
You need more power. The Counterpoint SA-100 is 100 wpc @ 8 ohms and is not quite enough. Try the SA-20 or SA-220. That should fix most of your problem. You could also change jumpers, if possible. A powered sub w/active x-over is another option, too.

I agree that more clean power the better. Regarding your speaker placement and acoustics, check the DIY asylum for projects to treat your Maggies. Some worthwhile to mention are the DIY Argent Room Lens project on Jon Risch’s website. Also obtain a copy of the “Master handbook of acoustics” for an even broader perspective on the subject.
Uh, Danton.

The MG-2C does NOT have any ribbons. It has two standard planar drivers.

It has a pure 5 ohm load, with little deviation. Hence, it should be very easy to drive. You do not need any more power.

However, there could be a problem with the speaker diaphram itself. Have you considered getting them checked out by the factory or dealer?
With all respect to the previous post, Maggies are notoriously inefficient and, the larger the surface area, the more energy it will take to drive them.

There is no direct relationship between speaker impedence and it's efficiency. If there were, all speakers of a given impedence would have the same efficiency rating (measured in dB @ 1 watt @ 1 meter).

I happen to have a pair of 12's and tried the SA-100, but had a similar experience to your's in that the sound was weak and turning up the gain only over-drove the amp which resulted in some harsh-sounding mid-bass/mid-range and sometimes strident highs. The SA-20 cleared that up.

Maggies are very revealing speakers and you need a fair amount of high quality power to drive them well. Don't discount that there might be a problem with the speaker as Fdriver suggests, but first borrow some more power (around 200 wpc)and see if that solves the problem.

Let us know how it turns out.....

Thanks for the responses! The SA-100 is gone and I'm going to give the Aragon 4004 mkII a try. It should have the power I need. As soon as I get it I'll post the outcome. Regards,Danton
Well I hooked up the Aragon MKII and the speakers sound great. So the extra power really helped. This is the way I imagined they would play from the start. Now I'll look into some better jumpers as a few of you have suggested. Regards, Danton