Need long ICs that sound like KCAG

I am moving my system around, and have to look at long (~24 feet) RCA ICs between my pre and power amps (both SS). Up to this point I was using a 1.5m pair of Kimber KCAG, which worked very well in my system. So without straying to far from that character of sound, what can I get in a long length that won't cost me an arm and a leg? In fact, the run is so long that in order to stay at much less than $1000 (my goal in this case) I may have to consider a "budget" cable. So what's out there nowadays that can be competitive with the KCAG, but in a much longer length and not that much more money? I'm willing to look at a used IC if it keeps me in the same sonic category.
If you like the KCAG, you might want to mosey on over to Homegrown audio, buy the bulk wire(very Kimber-like) and build them yourself.
Interesting option, Loonytunz. I had considered building my own, as I am reasonably competent with soldering tools. But I had not known about this source for materials.

What troubles me about the long ICs that I need are two things: will an unshielded design like the KCAG work in a long length, and will the fact that I have to go with RCAs ultimately mean I shouldn't be trying a long IC like this?
Try RS Cables Illumine` silver cables. They're about $130 for a 1m with Eichmann Silver Bullets. I'm in no way connected, just a former satisfied customer. They replaced a pair of KCAG's in my system and it didn't skip a beat.
The long lengths of twisted-unshielded can work, but it will depend upon your electrical environment. What are the possible 'contaminants' in close proximity to your runs? If there are many and you have to use that kind of length, then I would certainly consider a shielded cable for the job.

My ultimate recommendation would be that you try to shorten your intereconnects and use longer speaker cabling.

If you decide you need to try shielded cable, here are some inexpensive alternatives: River Cable, Signal Cable and Cobalt Cable. I wouldn't know how closely they could mimic the KCAG, but changing geometries would likely have an impact on your sound.
Jond, thanks for your suggestion of the RS Cables. After I made my original post I checked some of the messages here in this forum and ran across them as a good mention, as well as Pure Silver Sound and Oritek.

I would like very much to hear a summary of your experience in comparing the Illumine` to the KCAG. I see you're running a tubed system. Mine is SS, and while I know that many consider silver ICs not to be ideal in a SS system I have been happy with the result. My amp and speakers (Bedini and Shahinian) seem to work well with silver ICs. Having said that, I will admit that I wish the KCAG did certain things better. I wish it did a better job in supporting the "meat" in the midrange (vocals especially). I wouldn't say there is no meat, but in comparison to the speed, clarity, and tonal presentation of the rest of the spectrum I wish it did better in this area.
Loonytunz, I toyed with the idea of going with the short IC / long speaker cable option, but I've tried longer speaker cables in the past (in another home) and have not been happy. It may have been a poor choice in speaker cable, or maybe my speakers and the cable did not match well, but I'm not sure I want to try that again. Also, my search here in Agon has allowed me to read through some of these discussions, and I seem to be in agreement with those who favor the long IC option.

Thanks for the links for the shielded alternatives. They seem to be way less expensive than the Homegrown / RS Cables / PSS / Oritek options. I see they are all copper. It would be interesting to see how something like this would sound in my system.
Woops! I see Signal Cable also has a silver offering. Still very affordable.