Need last minute thought before ink the contract on Theater System Upgrade

Hi All. It's time to upgrade to 7.2.4 Atmos and I basically nailed down all the main components...but before I ink the contract this Saturday, would like to get last minute thought.

  • AV Processor. Anthem AVM60 (I like the Marantz AV8802 but was told Anthem has better room correction than Marantz). Fact?
  • Multi Channel Amp - Either MC207 to match with my current MC205 OR
  • Save money by going to Anthem PVA7 + PVA4? Will sound quality be so much different?
  • B&W Cinema 7 CWM In Wall Speaker x 5(L.C.R. Side Surround)
  • B&W Cinema 7 CCM In Ceiling Speaker x 4 ceiling + 2 rear surround angled
  • JL Audio Fathom 110v2 x 2 units (about 950sqft of open area shared with kitchen and family room)
  • Cable...this is the one I debate a lot. Will the Audioquest standard 16 Gauge speaker cable is sufficient enough for the system?
  • Interconnects - RCA is sufficient or XLR is recommended? Price will be the same for the Audioquest series I picked or any Best Buy brand RCA will do as good as the audioquest?

If I get the Anthem Amp, then I can move the current AV8801 + MC205 to my bedroom and add 5 speakers.

If i get the MC207, then I will need to buy a 5 channel amp for my bedroom. Worth doing it with MC207 or not much difference in sound quality?

Cable Cable Cable???

Thanks and look forward to your opinion.
I'd guess your Mc amps are warmer than the Anthem amps, but in any case I'd doubt they're sonic substitutes so you should think about what kind of sound you want out of this system.  You're dropping some good coin on this stuff, and seems like you're shortchanging the cables/interconnects.  It's like buying a fun sports car and putting crappy tires on it.  I'd recommend finding a way to demo some before making any final decisions.  Best of luck.
I have the Marantz, but have heard the same thing from my dealer that the room correction is better in the Anthem. I like Anthem stuff, but the availability of the Marantz clinched it for me. You can't go wrong either way.

Not a B&W fan, so would suggest that's where to upgrade, but.......

I use either Bryston 9BST or Theta Intrepid amps. The Anthem's are (once again) very nice, and should be generally of better quality than the MC's.

Also agree with comment above regarding cables. I had good, but not great cables, then upgraded to Transparent Plus MM2 and Super's, and the difference was immediate and substantial. As suggested, try some out - with all the stuff you're buying one of the dealers should be willing to give you some demos.
already have room treatment?? Otherwise hold off on the sub.

Also not a big BW fan. How about the martin logan wall units?
Congrats on your new system!   I'm sure you are excited...I would be.

On the cabling I would go with XLRs whenever you can.   Also I would use 12 gauge in the walls.   You may not need it to be that large of gauge unless it is a really long speaker run, but wont hurt to have it anyway.   I agree with the folks above, cabling(and Power Cords) really make a difference.

Also, you may want to check out Paradigm speakers which typically match well with the Anthem equipment(Anthem equipment sounds great for movies and you cant go wrong).   I personally like B&W, but it wouldn't hurt to check out the options.

I'd consider getting the MC8207 if you can live with it's LED meters not matching the analog meters of your existing MC205.  It's functionally identical to the MC207, but costs $3,000 less.  Use the money saved to upgrade the AV processor to the McIntosh MX-122.
I upgraded from a MC205 to the MC8207. I found the MC8207 to be much quieter than the MC205. The LEDs are not as bright as the blue meters in a HT setting.

Are you guys recommending upgraded cables sure it will make a noticeable difference; especially considering this is a multi channel home theater?

I would agree with a two channel system to at least audition better cables.

For my HT system I noticed more improvement with upgraded power cables than with upgraded interconnects. I also like a power conditioner  in the HT system. I did upgrade all my cables in the HT system but not to the extent that I did with my 2 channel system.

mcgal- What power conditioner do you have?

What are the benefits you realize from having it in your system?