Need Kt88s Genelex? or Shuguang?

I'm looking to upgrade my Winged-C KT88s in my McIntosh MC275 and keep them as back-up. I was tending toward the Genelex which some recommend highly but have also read several reliability problem reviews. The Shuguang sound competitive.
Any suggestions? Which are more reliable? Which sound best?

I purchased a Shuguang 502B integrated amplifier from Pacific Valve. It comes equipped with Shuguang KT88-98 power tubes. After upgrading the coupling caps and beefing up the power supply it really put out some good sound but, I noticed a loss of resolution at the high frequencies. At a friends suggestion I replaced the KT88-98 tubes with the Genelex Golden Lion Rebuilds. This cleared up the high frequency response beautifully. I recommend spending a few extra bucks and buying the tubes from a dealer who actually matches them. However, I don't recommend buying anything from Pacific Valve. They misrepresented the features of the amplifier.
Thanks for all the advice. Following it I've ordered the Genalex KT88s from Jim McShane and can't wait for them to arrive.
BTW Jim said that there were, in fact, some reliability problems with the Genalex tubes but that they were limited to about 2% bad tubes from a single, earlier production run.
I think you'll be very happy with the Genelex tubes.
Jgiacalo, please keep me posted on the new GL tubes. I'd be interested!!


What features of the Shuguang 502B did Pacific Valve misrepresent?