Need Isolation Ideas for VPI Scout

Hello friends--please assist with suggestions for table-top isolation improvement for my VPI Scout. Stock Scout with Stock cone feet sits atop a heavy, wood bureau presently. Isolation ideas for the budget-conscious audiophile will be most appreciated. Thanks!
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There are new "mini" isolation footings available.
I am told, that wall mounting any TT is, on a shelf is useful. Thick maple butcherblock is supposedly a very good vibration isolation material. Try a company named "Perfect Plank" they have a web site. They are less $ than the very good gourmet Boos butcher block, that a general search will typically yield.
Neauance Platforms.

IMO there is no better isolation platform. I use them under every piece of equipment I own, If Ken made speaker stands I would buy them too.
Just buy some racquetballs and put them under a 2-3" thick maple butcher block to make a platform for your Scout. Make sure racquetball is compressed no more than 1/3 of its height. You should be able to get the whole setup for $20-$30.
Many items.Vibrapods cheap and their is a manufacturer of sorbothane footers (bBlue-Something) that I saw in other thread.Also just getting Sobothan sheet and cutting sqaures is cheap.Or just try a mouse pad.More cost would be BDR (points,cups,motor platorm) and a break the bank would be Still Points.I'd go with a Gingko Platform -Fremmer shopwed in article it was 3/4 as effective as a insanely expensive Silent Running active unit derived from their electron microscope platforms.Of course it is just an acrylic paiur of xshelves with divots for lacrosse balls but which lacrosse balls and how are they ditributed and held in place.i your dek isn't really big you might want to invest in Gingko after you have gone through some chgeap options and get return on it if you don't think it's worth the dough.Only option I'd stay away from is air bladrs like Bright Star.Good for pre's or digital and reasonably priced but have to be pumped up and not stable enough for me with 'Tables.Lastly esecially if you have wood floors and can swing it a wall mount for any of above.
I recently purchased some 5/8" sorbothane which I intend to cut up into 1 1/2" round discs. I'll have more than I require. If you might be interested in some, send me an email. They won't be free, but they'll be lots less expensive than if purchased through an audio dealer.
i have tried many under my aires three, and the best is a mapleshade platform with there triplepoints between the turntable and platform and there isoblocks between platform and shelf, it absolutely has tightened up the lower end, and has made my analog rig super musical,
You've all been quite generous with your feedback and have provided many interesting alternatives. I'll go to work to experiment on a few. Thanks very kindly!