Need interconnects for new cd player

Hi, I recently purchase a Sony CDP-XA20ES to replace my beloved NAD 5355. Now I'm looking to upgrade my interconnects. Right now I have Monster Cable Studiolink 500 all around. What are some good cable that will match my cd player? Thanks
I don't think you need to exactly "match" your CD player.
Just go for some excellent IC that competes at the highest level, such as from You will be very surprised how much of the sound from your Sony quality player was previously missing in action with your old cable. This newer cable will begin to let you hear what really great cable can accomplish, and will continue to reveal all that each subsequent system upgrade can provide.
If you want to be a little opportunistic and practically "steal" high quality IC from another Audiogon member, watch for the Auricle Audio Design auctions. Even the more poverty stricken audiophiles among us can begin to hear what great cable can do. Prepare to be astonished by the cost to benefit ratio. Not sure for how much longer this brand's final auction bid prices will be so affordable.
Cables can deliver only what your components are capable of producing which means you will appreciate cables more as your components become more sophisticated. That old upgrade bug just keeps on biting.
Depends on your electronics, speakers and budget. If you use solid state electronics and have some treble glare try Silent audio Apollo C copper RCA interconnects, if you use tubes you might try their Apollo A silver RCA interconnects. Element cable twisted pair is also a good cable at a fair price but I find Silent Audio's have a quieter background. These cables are low priced on auction & audiogon listings and you will have to spend much much more to get better sound. If money is no object try K-works custom made RCA interconnects or check the reviews for Kubala Sosna and other well received high priced offerings.
My standard response is Oritek x-2's.
My standard response is Oritek x-2's.
What others have you compared them with, please. And what is the rest of your system?
You're probably not going to like my response. Basically, I'm all analog. What I did notice at Ori's(Oritek X-2's) house was a lack of stomach or Adam's apple tension that I usually get with digital. My system consists of an Ariston RD110 turntable(with a circa 1992 Linn Sondek, Ekos, nude Archiv, Lingo, Mana table waiting in the wings), Sumiko MMT tonearm, Denon 303(or 304) cartridge sitting on Mapleshade's 2-inch maple, with their footers. My preamp is an RGR(Robert Grodinski's Research). Amplifiers are Nuforce 8.02b's. Speakers are DCM Time-Windows. Cables consist of Signal Cable Silver Resolutions(thanks Plato). Gear sits upon and under Bright Star Audio and Mapleshade stuff. Since I currently use two interconnects(I have an RCA junction box on the turntable and a Fidelity Research transformer.). Between the preamp and amp, I have used Oritek X-1's, Eichmann Express 6, and Elf Audio's Reference(ccc). It is there that the Oritek X-2's kicked rear end. I know that my case is not specific to yours(analog versus digital), but if you look at the Oritek X-1 reviews, you will see most were with digital-and I can easily assure you that the X-2's are in a different league from the X-1's.
I'm buring in a pair of the Auricle Audio cables right now on my DAC to preamp. Out of the box they had the element of detail that Listener57 describes. I have about 40 hours on them and I feel they are still a bit bright, especially on cymbals. Also, these could be too detailed for some people as the music seems to keep coming at you from all directions. A very unique burn-in experience. If these relax a bit they are keepers. Considering the price they might give my Poemias a run for the money.