Need interconnect suggestions for Meridian 508.24

Right now I've heard Cardas Cross and Golden Cross are the hot setup. Are there any other ideas out there?
Meridian 508.24
Jolida 502B
MIT Term II Bi wire
Hot Rod Kestrals
If you're considering Cardas, you've got to try Ensemble cables, either the Masterflux or the Dynaflux. They are less expensive than top Cardas and often available used on this site for great prices. Many people have left Cardas Golden for Ensemble. I myself left Transparent Ultra XL and Reference for Ensemble. I used the Transparent cables w/my meridian 500 and 566.24/518 setup when I had it, but after many loyal years switched to Ensemble for a fraction of the cost, and better performance.
Stealth PGS Gold! Sounds great on my 508.24 Steve
Try Neutral Reference. IMHO it is far superior to Cardas Cross. Much clearer with more detail.
I'm using a Alpha Core Goertz (flat conductor,silver) balanced to the 508.24. It seems more detailed than the Golden Ref., and not as harsh as the Neutral Ref.
My other stuff: ARC LS-15 connected by balanced Golden Cross to an ARC VT-100 which powers B&W Matrix 802's via Neutral Ref bi-wire.