Need interconnect between Nagra pre to power amp

Nagra pre and power are tube amps.
I have found three strong potential candidates for interconnects - Valhalla Extreme Reference, Coincident or WireWorld eclipse 3+.
Any experience with either of these cables or others?
I would go for the Valhalla. It is truly a wonderfully neutral cable that has no weakness.
I think you should try the Argento VDM, it will make the other cabls you mentioned seem very overpriced. I use it between my 300B power amps and the Audio Aero Capitol 24/192. Picking the Argento over the Nordost and Cardas Golden Cross was the easiest choise I have made during my time in this wierd hobby.
The Argento is not exactly cheap (1600 euro for 1 meter XLR-XLR) but simply much better.

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I only have personal experience regarding the Eclipse and the Coincident, but based on that experience plus the prevailing scuttlebut on the Valhalla, all the cables you mention are good choices at their price points. However, the prices of these cables are extremely disparate ($300 for the Coincident, $600 for the Eclipse, and $3300 for the Valhalla). Do you have a particular budget in mind? If cost is not an issue, I'd certainly recommennd demoing the Valhalla in your system. Another cable you might want to consider is the Silversmith Audio IC.
I use the Gold Eclipse III+ between pre/power-amp. It's about as close as it gets to a direct connection, and should get you to stop thinking about cables for quite a while. At $1200/one meter pair they are not cheap, but used examples do pop up here occasionally. (I got mine for $600)
dcaudio: i have heard both the nagra ss (mpa) and tube amps (vpa) connected to the nagra pl-p and tube line stage using tara, the one and the zero, as well as other ic's. i preferred the tara to all others. i own the one; when i upgrade it will likely be to the zero. BTW, i think the nagra audio products are first rate. if i had the $$ just now, i'd quite seiously consider buying the mpa to replace my jrdg (the vpa's won't drive my speakers, unfortunately).-cfb
I have Nagra system (VPA&PL-P) tried many cables,
Nordost (not Valhalla),Purist Audio Proteus, Cardas and Siltech. Best sound and built quality had Siltech FTM-4 SG. I believe Nagra in Switzerland they voice now their electronics with Verity Audio and Siltech cables.
Good Luck,Tommy
Pure Note Epsilon, better than Valhalla for less money.
You might want to consider this brand from Sweden called Clou Cable at and click the English version icon. They have a couple of models and I was informed that their 4th model from the top, the 812 E'grid plays on par or better than the Cardas Golden Cross and it cost about 4 times cheaper. Their 2 higher models, the 412 Krysolit & 412 Krysolit Royale are said to be very good. The designer, Mr. Lars Andersson, is a lover of tubes ( triodes ) and designs his cables with that in mind thus giving you a very smooth & sweet upper mids & highs while the midbass & bass is deep, controlled, bodied with punch. Something to think about!
Ramesh Have you ever heard the Valhalla's? If so, what are the differences?