Need Interconnect Advice

Here is my current system.

Qinpu A3 tube/solid state hybrid integrated amp
Jamo C601 bookshelf speakers
Cambridge Audio CD player
AudioQuest Type 4 speaker cables

Talked to a couple of people on another board and one highly recommended Kimber Kable - Hero Interconnect - Ultraplate Black RCA's.

Did some research on these and I don't know if they will match up well with my current system. The Jamo speakers run a bit warm on the lower midrange and bass is quite deep and can even be boomy at times despite being a small speaker. I just added a Pangea AC 14SE cable and that has helped to tame the boomy bass in songs that have that problem. I've read the Hero is a bit heavy in the lower midrange and bass quality though it certainly should help tighten the bass. I guess I am most concerned that if the Hero is a bit warm on the lower midrange like the speakers it may create a sound I don't want. Also more than one person said that the Hero also does not separate instruments very well and has a limited sound stage area.

I guess what I want in a cable is the following:

Neutral mid range and high end
Tightens boomy bass tracks
Separation of instruments in songs or CD's that are poorly produced.

What can anyone recommend that has most or all of these attributes for less than $200 for an 18 inch pair with RCA connectors on both ends?
Morrow MA2
AudioArt IC-3
Try the new cables from Chris,(formerly of Stereovox):
Black Cat Morpheus is the entry level with both
interconnect and speaker cables.
These cables are very
High Value!
Plus you get a money back, free trail period.
I would try a pair of Anti-Cables and see how they work for you. Very good, inexpensive, surprising performance.
Find a pair of good used AQ Jaguars. You should have no problem finding a pair for less than $200. It hasn’t changed that much to what AQ is currently selling to replace it. I have a few pairs myself that I use with some very expensive equipment. Its a true high end cable and it has really good shielding. Also, it will sound good with just about anything.
Thanks for the tips. Just ordered the Audio Art IC-3 today because they are on sale and had free shipping. Will need another pair of interconnects in the near future for a second system that I plan to build. Will look at these other cables that have been mentioned as well.

I've learned that some recordings will see more improvement with certain cables while others will sound better with a different cable. That being the case, a second system with cables that have different attributes from the IC-3 and also the Pangea power cable will be built.
Be sure and let us know what you think of the IC-3's Will62.
"I've learned that some recordings will see more improvement with certain cables while others will sound better with a different cable. That being the case, a second system with cables that have different attributes from the IC-3 and also the Pangea power cable will be built."

I wouldn't be so fast to do something like that. It really doesn't make sense to build a system around the cables. If you do one system right, you won't have to build two.
Zd542. I plan to have two systems anyway. One in the living room and another in my media room.
Jofi. Will look into these as well. Nice to see there are a lot of options in the sub $200 IC category that come highly recommended.

Shubert. As soon as I have the IC-3's broken in I will post my thoughts.
I'm not sure that source component interconnects can or should tighten boomy bass. That's an issue of your speakers/placement/acoustics.

Have you tried moving the speakers away from the corners/walls? Also, stands are very important as is the interface between them and the speakers. I recommend Sound Anchors stands and Herbie's Big/Square Fat Dots for the sound preferences you stated.
Will62 -

audition various AQ cables.
Loftarasa. I actually noted the boomy bass tighten up some after installing new Golden Gate IC's from AQ. No mistaking it. And since that point in time I have purchased some stands and placed the speakers about 15 to 20 inches from the wall and the soundstage has improved and yes, the boomy bass tracks have less prominence than before.
Jafant. Using the Golden Gate right now. Decent. Didn't like the Copperhead. I may look into some of the models above this such as the Diamondback. King Cobra, Big Sur and Victoria.
IC3 report. Quite pleased. A tad bright at the start but hardly a harsh sound. Tamed the heavy low midrange sound of the Jamo 601 speakers. Detail is excellent and I am not missing any instruments or notes that I can tell. The Golden Gate was good but these are definitely a couple notches better. Probably a bit more forward sounding than the Golden Gate but hardly an oppressive, in your face sound either.
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Will62, the AudioArt ic3 is a very nice ic.Check out the se version sometime,it's even better.Somehow it's more refined and will give you even more of what you stated in your original post IMO.I auditioned a pair,but another brand ended up working better in my current system.Wouldn't hurt to compare the two and send back the one that doesn't work as well.No connection to the company,just passing on my experience with a fine product.
If you are using Golden Gate right now and think its OK, I still suggest you try to find a pair of used Jaguar. Its a much better cable. Its almost the same as the model that replaced it (Columbia). I have several pairs of Jaguar and Columbia and I have a hard time telling the difference between the 2, and I have very revealing equipment. I also put them next to some Tara 2's that I have ($1300/meter) and feel the AQ's are just as good. You should have no trouble finding something for under $200.
Jtcf. That's for the suggestion. I will look into this. I just relocated recently and the expense of moving 500 miles leaves me with no money to purchase anything else right now. I can looking again next year though.

Zd542. I will also look into the Jaguar that you've recommended. Used would be in my price range. I do plan to build a second system and I will need at least two more pairs of cables.

Ibelieve. I have not heard of this cable but will also do some research on it.
Used AQ King Cobras are great and can be found el cheapo if you search around. I also like AQ Diamondback balanced cables...again can be found cheap used...opinions vary on these but I think the construction of these cables and overall quality (and sound) is amazing and a bargain if you can score some used ones, and since AQ makes a ton of product they're not hard to find.