need instructions bypass Tukan crossover

going aktiv. no linn dealer in town. how do I convert/bypass the xover in Tukan for aktiv configuration? linn says this is not a DIY operation. Anyone done it?
I've dont it a couple times...from what I remember it involves unsoldering two wires on each crossover, and re-attaching them to other (marked) locations. No rocket science here. BUT, the signal still has to go through PCB tracks which degrades it to a suprising large degree. I eventually ripped the crossover out completely, and rewired the drivers directly to the binding posts. I had a chance to compare these 'hotwired' Tukans with a conventially wired pair side by side with some pretty decent electronics (Naim 52 preamp, 2xNAP250 power amps) and the hotwired one sounded far more lively, tuneful and pure with the conventionally wired one sounding dull,muffled and 'sat-on'. These differences were so large, they could be heard in an adjacent room-no kidding!