Need input regarding integrated amp

I’ve been out of the audio hunt for about 10 years.  Would appreciate input regarding integrated amps.  Putting together small system for living area. Have a pair of sonus faber venare 2.0 that I will use. Need amp to have phono, cd, tv audio via directv, and WiFi and/or Bluetooth compatibility.  Budget range is up to $1500, but less would be good.  Have been researching NAD line.  Grateful for any help. Thanks.

Yamaha has some pretty nice integrated amps now that have phono stages built in. I got a Marantz integrated amp several years ago just because it had a phono stage built in, but I got rid of it before long and went to tube integrated and separate tube phono stage.....probably never go back to ss. I've got yesterday's technology today and I like it.
+1 for Yamaha. Might stay away from NAD, their reliability is not what it used to be, unfortunately. They used to rule their market segment.
I had the NAD 3020 integrated amp back in the early 80's and loved it. They hit a home run with that unit. Don't know how their current products stack up to what was a proud legacy.
peachtree decco has all the features you're looking for.
I have been really liking the NAD 3020 D in the bedroom. It is rather modest in power, but highly recommend it as a budget integrated. They make larger models. Check the inputs carefully as some have changed between versions and models.
I had I had a Peachtree Nova, and it was poorly made.  Jacks fell apart, and the digital section totally failed.  
Hi @dennistennis

I had a  NAD integrated years ago and the right channel went out after 2 years.  That tainted NAD forever for me. Sadly I didn’t know very much about repairs and such and just try it away.  It could have been a lovely piece I believe now.

good luck
I've owned a first generation Peachtree Nova for 10 years with no problems and in almost daily use - seems well made to me.  I'd recommend looking at their latest versions which come in both 150 and 300 watts and are around your price point.