need input on equipment 2of2

since i like the hafler, but i know it's death is just a matter of time,I went on line and found Van Alstine who repairs and upgrades dynaco and hafler(see how my ramblings are starting to tie together!)Frank is a neat guy and he is definatly proud of his stuff, but it is almost impossible to find anybody in the balt/dc area that has any of his stuff.It seems to me that i can't lose if I go with his ultra 8 pre amp and fet valve amps as this is following my dynaco/hafler path.I know i would like it,but can I do better with the money.Icould then use his ss amps to run the theater and the sound should be close enough to not be wierd----------I think this is where i am getting confused-----if i go with one brand of amps for the tympanis to use as my stereo and also as my fronts on the theater,how close on the theater amps do I need to stay in order for there not to be a dropoff that i can't live with.Frank says i would be happy with one fet valve amp ,but i know my maggies like the juice and I've always been intrigued with the idea of biamping as the maggies are setup for that option-------------------------------------------------------------NOW,back to the Jolida envoy preamp and mono blocks. I like what I heard and they are sooo cool looking.When I talked to Mike at "HOT ROD AUDIO MODS" he was very intrigued with the idea of upgrading the envoy setup and offered me a very sweet deal as he would like to get his name outmore in the audio communities.It would be about $1500 more than the Van Alstine biamp setup.If I go modded jolida,should i then go with the hybrid jolida amps for the theater???---I have a real concern about weather 135ss power is enough to talk to the mg3.If i go Van Alstine for the theater I could use his 2 channel 240 w for the rear and his 135w 3channel for the front and sides.----------------The next real question is what will really make the maggies sing---biamping or tubes??? I am willing to go up to$10,000 for the preamp and amps with the stereo part being about 70% of that.Also,if the rotel will not do what I am talking about or something else is way better for a little bit more ,I would be willing totake a loss on it as it is still in demand.I ask this question as the people at jolida stated that B&K made exactly what i needed for around 2K.---------Some other quick notes---I will take care of all the cables and power cords when I get down there asyou may have surmised that all the cables have to match ,so some cable company out there is really gonna love me.My 2 uld15s will sit behind the tympanis are not there for movie thump----I will get a seperate front firing sub to be run off the rotel.That sub will not be part of the stereo,only the theater setup. I still have over 800 albums,so i will get back to everybody on turntable/cartridge selections once i have moved.The nearest maggie dealer is over an hour away,and they don't carry jolida or Van Alstine.I have heard MAC equipment on MG20(Closest thing to tympanis)and that was great and I CAN'T AFFOFD THAT!!!---------I'm sure there are many other brands out there that I am not aware of, so I am hoping to get bombarded with suggestions and ideas from all over.thanksfor letting me ramble--