Need information on Rapport ICs MN 1801

Does anyone know anything about thuis ICs or have an opinion on them?? I ended up with a pair and know nothing about them. Thanks,keith
20 strands of Teflon insulated .12mm OFC silver plated wires per conductor.

I have not heard the MN-1801, but have had several pairs of the ARR620's (still have a pair) and think they are great bang for the buck.

The MN's look to be a step above the 620's as far as build quality, so they should sound great.

What do you think of the sound quality of the MN's??
I've never heard the Rapport MN-1801 single-ended interconnects, but I have the Rapport MN800-1 which are a step up from the MN-1801. The MN800-1 are very smooth with solid bass.

Here is a Czech Rapport website that has specs on the MN-1801. I used the google toolbar to translate the marketing page.

Here is the google translation:


Model RAPPORT MN1801 is doubly shielded signal cable designed of uncompromising materials that are unusual at this price level. The cable geometry is exemplary and is not designed as a directional. Are used in the construction of knowledge from years of development lead, which is positively reflected in the superior sound quality. The cable is suitable for assemblies connecting high-end, which make them stand out on its merits. This cable is for its popularity also available in version XLR - XR1801.


Inside Cable RAPPORT MN1801 uses two hybrid central signal conductors of high purity, quality silver plated OFC copper for maximum sound potential. Isolation of the central signal wires are Teflon ™ (DuPont registered trademark of the firm), which significantly reduces the oxidation of silver. Cotton paper prevents the ingress of moisture and fills the space between the two center signal conductor and the first shielding braid of high purity, quality silver plated OFC copper. The following is a transparent inner cladding PE7540, which is coated a second shielding braid of high purity, quality OFC tinned copper. Double shielding provides excellent protection against penetration of radio waves and electromagnetic interference in the transmitted audio signal. The last layer of the cable forms the outer envelope bearing a brown PVC braided enhancing mechanical stability and which removes the mikrovibrace. The cable is terminated by pulling high-quality metal plugs with gold-plated custom production (24k) contact surfaces, the construction ensures quality and signal strength at the joints. Atypical shape of the connector, allowing easy tightening and a permit.


RAPPORT MN1801 has a great sound and an area with good left-right, front and rear sites. Attention to detail is supported by an excellent bass control, instruments, beautiful color and excellent dynamics. MN1801 is able to detect flaws uncompromising recordings.


* High-end cable RCA-RCA
* Metal cable (24k) gold-plated connectors for high-quality custom manufacturing contact
* specially designed shape connector for easy tightening / permit
* hybrid signal wires of high purity, quality silver plated OFC copper composed of 20 strands, each with a diameter of 0.12 mm (20 / 0,12)
* Insulation: Teflon ™ (registered trademark DuPont fy) (red, white)
* Filling: cotton paper
* Shielding 1: 16 / 6 / 0.1 - braiding of high purity, quality silver plated OFC copper
* the inner envelope: PE7540 (transparent)
* Shielding 2: 16 / 9 / 0.12 - braiding of high purity, quality OFC tinned copper
* outer casing: PVC (Brown)
* Decorative shirt - protective screen (black)
* length: 1.0 m / 1.5 m
* cable is supplied in the box aesthetic softened interior panels