Need Infor On Sonus Faber Cremona

Does anybody use McIntosh amps to drive the new Sonus Faber Cremona Speakers. I think I need the warmth the two should give me.

I have a large 2 story room with 2 story glass (Mahogany /Frames) with no curtains, and Stone floors. Not much else in the room except for a rug. Hube leather sofa and a couple of upholstered chairs. The room is completely open on two sides.

Any suggestions>

My buddy has the Cremona floor standers with Krell gear and it is plenty warm for me, so anything else should be a plus for you.

Happy Listening.
I demoed Cremona Auditors, first with Primare gear, then with McIntosh gear, in a single sitting.

I was not impressed with the sound using the Primare gear. It was relatively flat and uninvolving, without much air or life to the presentation. The Auditors really woke up with the McIntosh electronics; all the usual adjectives suddenly applied: airy, warm, holographic.

I'd definitely give this combination a listen!
I don't own the Cremona, but I did audiotion it. Ultimately, i chose the Guarneri Homage + REL sub.

As for amping any SF speaker, I agree they sing with tubes, including the MAC's. I use a Berning ZH270 which i love with this amp - it's actually the amp SF uses in its reference room, so think about that amp with that speaker.
Well, I have the Electa AmatorIIs with the original stands, along with 2 Gravis Subs and the Musical Fidelity Nuvista integrated M3 with the 3D cd , and I can tell you that the sound I am getting is first class, warm, detailed, lush,envolving, with a huge stage, etc. The Gravis reinforce the bass better that a floorstanding and because they are so musical, the quality bass is terrific. I am very pleased and happy. Josey