need info on switch box

Does anyone know of any manufactures, that make a decent RCA switch box. My amp has remote controlled volume, but only has one input. Need a switch box that can accept at least two inputs with a panel switch to select the source component.

Thanks, Steve
The best available is the 47 Labs 4707 Input Chooser ... lists for around $700. Visit for details.
QED from the UK makes various input switch boxes that are ok. They are represented by May Audio Marketing in the USA.
Their phone # is 716-283-4434 ask for Nizar.
we are an audiogon showcase dealer and a niles dealer ..

niles hase a really nixe auxilury source input box --

it is the aux-1 -- it expands your input to 5 switchable inputs ...

check out --

it list for $149 and we sell it for $110.oo plus frt...

good listening
hi go to circuit city get a ps2 audio switch box with 4 input and 1 output and go reverse. it cost 25 bucks.It works wonderful for me.
You could buy a preamp.
Thanks guys, I will take a look at the ones you suggested. I looked on my own, but couldn't seem to find a one. I was looking to eliminate my preamp all together, and go direct from source to amp. (not using either active or passive pre) Thanks again...Steve