need info on phono pre......... CHEAP

Hi all,
I am in need of a good entry level phono stage as my pre-amp is only line level, it will be paired up with a somewhat modest table and a Clear Audio Aurum Beta S cartridge, I was looking into the Bellari tube unit, or the NAD, or used cheap options. My financial situation limits my ability to purchase moderate priced options but all the same I would hope that acceptable performance could be found without a high investment, any help would be appreciated....thanks Chad
It's hard to say what a "high investment" is, some folks think $1,000 is cheap. However, I'm guessing you'd like to spend a whole lot less than that. Many sing the praises of the Gram Slee Gram Amp 2, and Gram Amp 2 SE. I snagged mine (Gram Amp 2) here for $150
I use that cartridge with The Black Cube to great effect.
The NAD PP-2 is the best of the cheapies.Add your own 24vDC 1amp regulated power supply for best performance.If you can afford more the next to consider would be either the Project SE Phono Box or the Project Tube Box.
The Parasound zPhono is very good for the money. I compared it to the (more expensive) Creek and Project offerings, and preferred the zPhono.

If you're comfortable with a soldering iron, you can build a Hagerman Bugle for about $60:

The half-kit includes a very nice circuit board and easy instructions. I got Texas Instruments to sample me a couple different kinds of op-amps so I could experiment. It sounds great and since it's battery operated, dead silent even at 60dB. I've heard the NAD PP-2 and liked the Bugle better, especially since I can adjust the gain in small increments.
The Musical Fidelity X-LPS phono amp can be had used for $200-300. New it's $400. Why not give it a listen?
thanks alot guys, a few great ideas for me to ponder for guys always are great!
Here ya go: Music Hall MMF phono-pak

I keep one on hand as a spare. Can't be beat for the $$$, IMHO.

Check out the Bellari at 199 at the Needle has a nice little tube to give you some tube sound..supposedly excellent for the price
The Redgum from Australia makes a beautiful sounding phono pre in a little box. It's adjustable MM or MC. See Quest for Sound an audiogon dealer. He give you a good deal also carries Lehman Black Box.
The Music Hall Phono pak is worth having - does MM and MC. They can be found for less than $100 used. The Belari is also decent for the $. If you contact Belari directly they have 'B' stock units with full warranty for a significant discount - about $130 I think. It has some nice features like adjustable gain, and a mute switch.
I agree with Rlwainwright, your question is impossible to answer without knowing what your limits are and what you condsider to be "cheap."
The Rega Fono is an exceptional unit at what I consider entry level.
Thanks all