Need Info on Marantz Speakers

Can anybody tell me anything about older Marantz speakers. I've come across a pair of Cabinet speakers that are quite a few years old and have 2 woofers 4 midrange and 2 tweeters. I can't find anything on these speakers or anything remotely like them. If anyone has any info I'd appreciate it.
Do the drivers have blue cones? Are the woofers 12" units. I had a pair in the late 70's, back when Marantz was a good name. The speakers sounded great for the time. Good low end. In fact I sold them to my brother and I think he still has them.
Try Tri state loudspeakers, I think the owner used to work at Marantz during that era. Tri state is in Aliquippa pa. Don't have the number, sorry