Need info. on Ladies' Jazz Vol.5

I have been streaming this "Ladies Jazz Vol.5" off of the
Internet. It has some of the best Sounding Music I have
heard from the likes of: Lisa Ekdahl, Julie London,
Monica Mancini, Patricia Barber, Stacy Kent, Yael Naim,
Yvonne Sanchez, Yczacza, Basia, Lisa Wright...etc. Damn
good collection. I can only find it as an MP3 Download, or
Standard Download. I am still working on my Music Server.
Was this Release ever available on CD? The only information I can find is the Label: Warner Music Poland.
Release Date: 27-05-2009. Was it only released as a Download? Searches under Warner Music, or Warner Music
Poland only show it not to exist. Where did this Release
come from? Is it available on CD?