need info on Futterman OTL 3

I got an OTL 3 this week and I need to replace one of the output caps. There are 30 of them and they're all reading between 725uf & 800uf. I can only find the schematic for the input side with the tubes, trans., fan etc. No values or voltage rating on the caps. One dried up and shorted internally and blew the top out. Line fuse was burned and also fuse burned at (V7) 6lf6 tube. Everything else looks OK. Does anyone know if the total value for all the caps at the ouput stage was calculated for each individual amp or did they use the same value caps for all of these amps? I probably should change all of them as they inevitably will all deteriorate and breakdown. I don't know alot about tube amps so any suggestions are welcome.
You may also wish to check in at the OTL Asylum. There are folks checking in there periodically who are familiar with the Futterman circuit.
Try George Kaye Audio Labs..