Need info on Beveridge RM-2 power supply please

I found one at a garage sale, and would like to check it out to see if it's still working. I haven't powered it up yet, but the circuit board looks clean and it still has a yellow sticker with the #135 written on it. The output connector is a black wrinkle finished multiple conductor. What used to be called a "Jones" or "Cinch" plug (?) Was this the original connector? Does anyone have a pinout with the proper working voltages? Unfortunately, the RM-1 was nowhere to be found, but I'd like to see if this thing works, and if there's still a market for it.

any Beveridge speakers there?
HAHA No such luck... :(
Rodger Modjeski designed the amplifier (RM-1) for the original Beveridge speakers:( Rick Beveridge , the son of Harold Beveridge, has started Beveridge back up: ( One of them could surely offer some technical support.
Thanks Rodman-

I'll give 'em a try!