Need inexpensive power line conditioner guidance.

Thanks to all that helped with my outlet issues. The Hubbell 8300 made such a difference in my super el cheapo spare bedroom system that I am now seeking guidance on a power line conditioner. Keep in mind that both integrated amp and turntable cost $150.00 each or less and total current outlay is around $1500.00, so it may very well be that money is better spent on other issues. Currently (pun intended) I need three more plugs than the duplex offers so I plug the amp directly to one of the outlets in the duplex and into the other one I use a Radio Shack 4 outlet power strip. Before the laughter stops, this is the old style all-aluminum strip with circuit breaker and no conditioning. It is 15 amp, 1575 watt rated; the cord that comes out of it is quite large and it seemed to sound better than an Adcom Ace 515 that I compared it to. Goal in this upgrade is to first have darker backgrounds and second more dynamics and resolution. The choices are:
1) Knock up a Bob Crump style cable with a Hubbel 4 plex outlet on the end.
2)Psychicanimal has generously suggested a ONEAC computer PLC. This is a transformer coupled unit with captive power cord. Is any one else using these in audio applications? These two are price appropriate to the system, cost around $40.00, or less either way.
3) Monster HTS 2000 or Audio Power Industries Power Pack 2. These would be a stretch at less than $125.00 each but well worth it if they would give a greater level of performance than the other options.
4) Forget it. Keep the Rat Shack rig. The system just isn't far enough along and/or the budget is not sufficient to work in this area. Buy the latest CD by __________ (insert favorite act) and a cold beer, or maybe new interconnects and be done with it.

A dedicated line is not an option BTW. Thanks for all of your help. Please feel free to weigh in with any and all ideas. I would also suggest that everyone try to put together a second system of modest means; it's a lot more fun and, in some ways, requires greater discipline.
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Mapleshade has an extension cord with room to plug in five power cords. Their theory is to minimize complexity and select by listening tests every part from the wall plug to the final outlets on the unit. The result is greater clarity, and dynamics without any traditional power line conditioning. You could check their site, and be on the lookout for this item used on Audiogon. Retail price, and Audiogon used price very reasonable for the degree of sonic improvement. Like other items in the Mapleshade product line, this truly marches to the sound of a different drummer. This is so disarmingly home-made in its appearance yet outperforms conditioners under $500 in shootouts.
Blue Circle BC86 Noisehound $110.
Vansevers SuperCompanion, $150 I think. 6 Outlets, detachable PC, digital filter/separation, parallel filter for your amp, surge protection.
Great choices and all outside of my box; excellent stuff, please keep 'em coming. I can see that I will have a lot of research to do.
Try some pug-in Quiet-Lines. Inexpensive and a real ear-opener.
The Quantum Electroclear for $40 is an absolute bargain. It will give you active conditioning with one component (and is very effective with budget digital gear) as well as parallel line filtering. Having used it in conjunction with much more expensive (and very effective) line conditioning, I can vouch for the claims on its website that it is effective even with other line conditioning. I use two in my system with very good results. I think their biggest problem is they are so cheap that the average audiophile will not take them seriously.
Thanks to all for taking their valuable time to give guidance and advice; I'm off to the races.
I thought you had already purchased the ONEAC. Of course, I showed you "THE ONE"...

Star wired power strip w/ one or two ONEACs will do fine.
P/A, I snoozed and loozed; some dude snaked the one out whilst I was listening to some horrible radio show. So embarassed. I have my eyes on another one though.
The computer tech. who services the LAN at my office originally trained as a sound engineer. He feels that computer power products such as the ONEAC are a great bang for the buck and are just as well suited to audio applications as computer uses.