Need inexpensive hybrid int amp

Want to get a nice hybrid int amp for a second system for our vacation home.

Considering the Peachtree Decco or Jolida hybrid. I dont need lots of power and prefer used to new.

any suggestions or feedback on these or other hybrids?

hi, i have the decco and use it with some mbquart model 3 towers. the sound is in my opinion graded a " c+/b". not an "a" by any means. those better integrated products are out there but i don,t think you can find them for under a 1000 dollars. a refurbed decco on peachtrees site at 500 bucks is a nice piece when you consider the good dac and a good tube preamp. however when i took my emotiva usp-1 preamp out of my magnepan setup and used the decco pre with the emotiva xpa-2 the sound quality took a hit for the worse. definitely listenable though. i use mine in the second system and like it. i have not listened to the jolida so maybe someone else can give a report
Thanks, nice feedback
You might look at the Virtue Audio Sensation M451 or M901 with Dodd tube buffer option. I sold a Luxman L590A II and eventually found this. Sure the Luxman was better in some areas, but by small amounts. I don't have any regrets, however. The performance of my Sensation M901 went up quite some measure with the addition of a Red Wine Audio lithium/phosphate battery power supply.
I listened to a Jolida 100-something hybrid amp (tube pre + SS amp) several years ago and thought it sounded wonderful for the price. If I had had room in my bedroom, I would have gladly purchased it for a bedroom system.

Very good bang for the buck.

Check out the Opera Consonance A120 or A100. I have an A120 which I bought here. It is a very solid amp which received a great review at 6moons. I actually went from a Virtue M901 to this and am quite happy with it.

A used Musical Fidelity M series amp might be a good choice as well.
Analogue Audio from Italy makes a very nice product. I was surprised by its quickness compared to my Sugden Class A integrated. Very solid soundstage and decent power at 70wpc. Just two 6922 tubes in preamp. I found some NOS Westinghouse for $40 and was humming.
Pathos Classic II or III is very nice as well
I'm using a Pathos Classic III. Absolutely wonderful amp. Used under $2k usually.