Need Inexpensive Digital Cable

Retired. Need a good Inexpensive Digital Cable to hook my CD Player to my DAC. Any Idea's would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Depending on the quality of workmanship, the sound you desire, and the amount you want to spend; take a look at what has to offer.

RSA - since you are retired and have time on your hands can you make a solder joint?

If yes - take a look at ....

I use one with Pure Harmony RCA's, but you could opt for the Copper Harmony and use a copper central conductor which would make them even more affordable - probably around $85 in total.

The Copper Harmony you can order from Parts Connexion

I currently stream up to 24/192 and their performance is outstanding - the best SPDIF I've used to date


Try Acoustic Research , I use them on my Theta gear. They replaced my Wonderlink with no quality drop off.
Not sure what you mean by "inexpensive", but a couple of very affordable, well engineered cables are those by Blue Jeans Cables and Cable Solutions.  The Blue Jeans cables are made with Belden cable and use Canare RCA connectors.  They run about $18 for 5 feet.  The Cable Solutions cables use Canare wire and RCA connectors. They run about $41 for 1.5 M.  The Canare RCA connectors are an important part of these cables since these connectors are closer to a 75 ohm impedance than the typical RCA connector.  Like all audiophile wire there are lots of opinions on what makes a good cable, but I replaced a 0.5 M Kimber AGDL with a 5 foot Blue Jeans and it sounds better.  The Kimber used ultra plate RCA connectors and was not an optimal length (1.5 M supposedly), so that may explain the improvement.   Good luck!

1+ for Blue Jeans cable. Strict 75 Ohm. It is said that cables between .5 meters and 1.5 meters are better. Well made. Affordable. Durable. 

Cables longer than 1.5m (or shorter than 1 foot) are better.  Best would be 1.5-2m
Digital cable is system dependent.  Cable that works great in one system might sound poor in another.
I picked up a used Wireworld Starlight 6, two meter digital cable (red) for 60.00 here this past year.  It is an excellent cable.  I use it with my 8500.00 sacd player and my Wyred dac.
You could try a DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 (rca), D-110 (xlr) or D-75 (bnc). Reasonably priced excellent digital cable.
I have also used Oyaide DR-510 (rca), DB-510 (bnc) and AR-910 (xlr) but a little more $$, still reasonably priced though. These come .7m and 1.3m lengths.

Thanks for all the Idea's. Down to 3 choices.

1. Kimber Kable illuminations D 60  Currently $99.00 bidding at Ebay

Likely to go higher

2. Wireworld Starlight  $62.00 at Ebay

3. Oyaide DR 510  Audiogon $100.00

All cables are 1 meter.

I have used the D60 several times and liked it. Does anybody have thoughts on the Wireworld or the Oyaide?

Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope sot that's what the man told me. I haven't decided yet. Thanks for your input! Maybe its 1.3 and he made an error?

RSA - instead of the D60, you may want to consider the Stereovox XV2.  It is a newer product made by the same designer as the D60 (Chris Sommovigo), but supposedly with better performance at a lower price point. I use one in my second system and am very happy with it.  One is for sale on the 'gon right now for $129 (no affiliation with the seller).
There is a D 60 up for bid at Ebay for $103 for 1 meter. I would guess it will go higher. All in All, you think the XV2 is as good? Thanks so much for the heads up!

Thanks for the help. I went with rzado's recommendation and bought the Stereovox. It had great reviews and I liked the fact that it was designed(and supposed to be better)by the same guy who did the D-60.

I use 2 AQ coax (spdif) cables, a VDM 5 solid silver .5 meter (used…got a good deal) from my CD player, and a VDM 3 solid with silver in there someplace 1 meter from my streamer. They’re both very good and really sound identical, but the more fancy solid silver one makes you feel better about yourself.