Need Impressions of SoundKaos Vox

Hello All,
This is my first post here on Audiogon. I have been very intrigued by SoundKaos Vox 3 speakers (both 3F and 3A). Since there aren't many reviews or discussions out there, I would like to know if any of you members own any of these (Vox 3a or 3f) speakers or have auditioned them/heard them for good amount of time. In case if you do, then also please let me know of the chain that was used with them and any comparison to other speakers that you may have owned previously or heard.
Looking forward to hearing from someone.
I recently posted this EXACT question & got 1 reply from someone who never heard them but didn't like the No Return [policy of the only seller I could find..
 There are a few reviews found via Google,all very positive BUT also all stating a bit more work required to get them dialed into a room...@ $10,000.00 + with no demo & no return I will pass.Settled on the $3100.00 Sonus Faber Lumina V to supplement my Harbeth M30.1's...
@freediver thanks for your response. I saw your post but as you said nobody really provided any review/impressions of the speakers, hence I also asked the same question. It would be great if you could post the links where you found actual user reviews (not the reviewing sites such as Blue Moon, HiFi Knights etc, as I have already read those.)
I understand no return or no demo can be very frustrating to make a buying decision especially price is this high. I hope you are liking your SF Luminas.

Since only seller was not providing demo or return, did you directly contact Martin of SoundKaos asking him for demo or return policy? I have recently purchased Bakoon amp 13-R from him and found him to be a really nice guy and easy to deal with.
Would have loved to hear your thoughts on them if you would have purchased them. There are some guys in this forum who listened to Vox 3F at the California Audio Show in Oakland in 2019 (there is a separate link to the discussion) but none of them have posted any detailed impressions of them. I will try to tag them in this thread for their detailed impressions.
@pumper24 , @auxinput if you could post your detailed impressions of Vox 3F that you heard at California Audio Show, that would be very helpful as actual user impressions of these are a rarity.
Only saw the same so called pro reviews,nothing from anyone with ears on experience & didn't think to contact the maker.
 I'll also keep an eye out for more info on these but honestly I doubt I can do better than the Lumina without moving past $10,000.00...
@freediver thanks for the info. IMO Comparing a floor stander to bookshelf won't be a fair comparison. I had heard some Olympica floor stander at a show which was driven by some McIntosh integrated amp. Good sounding speaker, perfect for jazz or other relaxed music. But it had treble roll off for my taste (sparkle was missing on some of test tracks that I use for treble extension/harshness).
I saw this loudspeaker at the audio show 2 years ago, so I can’t tell you more than I liked it and felt it was one of the better loudspeakers at the show in terms of tonal balance. It was small and very expensive for what it was, but then being a boutique item, I can understand how they’d have to charge that much for it given a small production run.

I’m a mid-range freak. For me the most important thing in a loudspeaker that the mid-range do a good job on voices and acoustic instruments. The demo recordings I bring are voices and instruments I know well.

I still think a DIY project using that Tang-Band full-range driver could be a lot of bang for the buck, especially if you add in a good DSP EQ like the miniDSP DDRC-24.   There are a couple of things you could do with this driver.  One would be to use it as the heart of an open baffle system.  The other would be to get enough of them to make up an open baffle line array.   That could be loads of fun.

One more thing.   If you're really thinking of spending the $6700 they were asking for that loudspeaker at the show, I think this used pair of the Avalon Opus would be a much better value.   They are my own "wet-dream" loudspeaker.
@russbutton Thanks a lot for your input. I already had the idea that it would be very difficult to remember how one speaker sounded from a show two years back. But thank you for replying.
Since you liked it then I am assuming that it did good job with midrange as that’s the area you focus most in a speaker (courtesy full range tang band driver). I agree that these are on expensive side but you also got it right that this is going to be the case given the fact that these are from a small boutique manufacturer based out of Switzerland & manufacturing (or assembling) speakers in Switzerland (not made in China for reducing cost or increasing profits).
I have a liking towards ribbon & amt tweeters, hence this design intrigued very much. I think its a very clever design by using full range driver for 200 to 10K Hz and then using Raal tweeter for highs above 10K and dual opposite side mounted bass drivers for duty below 200 Hz along with the folded transmission line to give really nice bottom end for a tiny stand mounter.
That Avalon Opus surely looks great but getting it here in India is going to be one major headache (due to weight for shipping and custom duties), besides I have a very small room, so having floor-stander is going to be challenging from space perspective as well as I fear it would be an overkill.
I know I can get a cheaper system using similar full range driver, but unfortunately I am not a DIY person. So I will have to rely on the manufacturers for a quality speakers.

A note of Avalon speakers.  These use the older generations of Accuton ceramic drivers.  I have heard a lot of speakers using these Accuton drivers.  The result is extremely clean audio, but in my opinion these Accuton drivers are too controlled and don't have enough dynamics and excitement.  The newer models of Accuton are better, but I still feel that they are not yet as dynamic sounding as other speakers.  If you have not heard these directly, I think it would be really hard to make a decision on them.
@auxinput thanks for your input on Accuton drivers and Avalon speakers. I doubt there is any dealer of Avalon in India (so is the case with many good boutique manufacturers), so listening to them is going to be very difficult. Besides these are all floorstanders which are not going to be feasible given space constrain & they are going to be way out of my budget as well  (if I decide to buy a new one). Getting a used one is out of the question duty weight, size and customs (custom duty plays biggest role while importing audio gear here in India). Even if any dealer is having Avalon here, its surely going to be exorbitant (most items are sold at 50%-100% more price than US price, forget about dealer price at which they get).
Do you remember anything about SoundKaos Vox which you heard at  California Audio Show in 2019 and liked them. Your input would be very valuable as real world users/listeners feedback is almost non-existent for these speakers.

They are very attractive to me from design standpoint as well as being very tiny and not much of weight (approx 10-11 kg) makes them viable option for considering the option of Import as well. Besides whatever review I have found are positive.
so I managed to get review from one member in other website who had heard them at the same show. Below is the link to that mini review.


I'd forgotten I heard these at the Cali Audio Show, but found the picture I took of them on July 26, 2019.  They were good for monitors.  Maybe a bit thuddy or thick in the lower mids.  That could have been the rest of the system rather than the speakers though.  Overall, it was a good room.  Better than many.  I'd probably go for the upgraded wide bander though.