Need ideas Upgrading Paradigm Studio 80's

I'm in the market to upgrade my Paradigm Studio 80 Ver1 speakers. I am looking in the price range of about $1750-$2000 USED here on Audiogon. So with that in mind, there are alot of $2500-$4000 speakers brand new in mind that are sold here to think about. I am using a McCormack DNA-225 amplifier (225w @8ohms, 400w @4 ohms) for amplification.

I have thought about the Paradigm Studio 100 Ver 2 speakers, but I have only heard the Paradigm Reference speakers (biased upon that fact..) and dont have any way to go audition speakers right now with my excessive work schedule.

I am ultimately looking for more dynamic transients, soundstaging, transparency, and most of all, keeping and improving the Bass (or getting more) than I currently get with my Studio 80's.

Please list suggestions of speakers that will rock the house (and by that I dont mean Klipsch!) that are in my price range.

Thanks for your time and suggestions.
Look at the psb Stratus Gold i. There is a pair here on Audiogon somewhere for about $1500. They will out perform the 80s by a long margin.
They are little bit more bot worth it! THere are some Audio Physic Virgos for sale at $2500 I have had a pair for two years. I can't see ever upgrading my speakers now!