Need HT cable advice.

I've recently done some upgrades to my HT setup and it's time for some upgraded cables. I'll need the following:
-1 digital (coax or toslink) 3' cable for DVD changer to AVR (for 5.1 sound)
-1 component 6' AV cable for DVD to TV (mainly just the video part since the digital will cover the sound through the AVR)

-1 10' HDMI to HDMI cable for DVR to TV
-1 10' digital (coax or Toslink) cable for DVR to AVR (for 5.1 sound)

-1 10' Xbox HDTV component cable to TV
-1 10' digital (coax or Toslink) cable for Xbox to AVR (for 5.1 sound on games and DVDs)

-1 10' component AV cable for DVD/VCR to TV
-1 10' digital (coax or Toslink) cable for DVD/VCR to AVR (for 5.1 sound)

I don't want to spend a lot on my cables but don't want crap either. I was thinking along the lines of Blue Jeans or lower Audioquest cables. The reason I am setting it up the way I am is to be able to view TV/DVR, Xbox and the DVD/VCR combo through the TV without having to fire up the AVR. The Sony 60XS has great speakers BTW. I can still go full 5.1 just by turning on the AVR and appropriate input with the additional digital cables I'm including. I can use either coax or toslink digital cables all around. I remember that coax was the preferred way since toslink yielded a bad connection at times. Has technology improved on the toslink and is it a toss up which way I go on the digital cables? Also, on the Xbox, I'll probably just get the Microsoft HDTV pack and use whatever brand component and digital cables I choose on the other components with it. The Xbox and DVD/VCR combo are for the kids abuse for old leftover VHS movies, games and single disc CD/DVDs so they don't have to be fiddling with the changer any (OK, I admit it, I like the Xbox too).

Thanks for any input,

try USEDCABLES.COM......they will look at your system and give you their take on whats best for you, and with a credit card held they will send you a few options to try, and you send the rest back after you made your choice.
Try Tons of sales here on Audiogon. Great prices. Well reviewed and available in custom lengths.

Using their IC and Speaker cables in a 6k system with no desire to upgrade.

BW Maxx
Scott, I've just been testing Bettercables Silver Serpent component cables against the 7712 set from Blue Jeans and, while they are both very nice, I happen to think the Bettercables produce a slightly beter picture (and sound, if that matters) in my system. Marantz DV9500 driving a Sony XBR.