Need HT amp to drive Matin Logan "Quest"

I would like to purchase a multi channel amp to drive my ML "quest " (front) Dunlavy sc1 (center and rear)speakers.

My biggest question is how much power do I need? would I be better off with two amps instead of one?
I don't think your SC1 center is going to match well with the ML. In fact, I don't believe in center channel at all. I found that in most rooms, even you use three identical speakers across the front, the surrounding of the center channel is so different from the two front speakers that it is impossible to achieve a perfect match. Unless you have a very large room, I perfer to just turn the center off. It sounds more natural to me.

In terms of multi-channel amp, I had used a Theta Dreadnaught (5x200w) to drive my SL3 with great results.
I have one stereo amp for the fronts and another multi channel for the center and surrounds and found this works the best for me. It also makes it easier to troubleshoot since you can isolate things easier.
when I was figuring it out for me, I researched on how much power my speakers needed (was either in manuals or on their website in the specs) and what ohms they could drop to. that helped me to mate amps to the speakers fairly easily.
hope that helped ;-) -aj