Need Hi Eff, Omni-directional Speakers

Okay asking a lot but i have a nice 15wt el84 tube amp and my room is a narrow two story log cabin about 12x22 with a loft.

Since placement is difficult looking for speaker that will disperse the sound more than a focused sound.

second system so I don't want to spend 3K lol

prefer $500 tops used

I use the Mirage OMD-5 stand mounts with a 13 watt ROTH MC4 amp, and it is more than enough power. Sounds fantastic too. :-) They are $180 a piece, new, at Vanns. I have seen them as low as $139 a piece, so call them and negotiate a lower rate. I run an 8" Mirage subwoofer off the amp as well, and it is a fantastic combo. Check out their website and see what you think.

If you give them 18 to 24" around them...they will shock you at how good they sound. Good luck!

i have look at the mirage speakers but havent heard them yet.

thanks for the info.
OHMs might sound nice and the price could be right but are not hi eff and 15 tube watts alone may not do them justice. Adding a well integrated powered sub might work if it were needed.
Another +1 for Mirages. The Duvels may well have inspired Mirage's Omniguide-based speakers, but Mirage slants the mounting baffle forward for a 60/40 mix favoring the front. I have been happily living with Mirage OMD-15s for 3-1/2 years. They're a small floorstander that shares the OMD-5's mid/tweet assembly. The OMD-5's were originally priced at $750/pair; at Vann's $338/pair they're a stone cold bargain, especially if you pair them with some modest woofers.

Another approach that's a bit more money is to move up to the Mirage OS3FS compact floorstanders. They're about $998/pair at, but they're open and effortless, more sensitive than the OMD-5s with excellent dynamic range. 93 dB in-room efficient with 175 watt power handling. For the same price you can also get the OMD-15s, a small self-sufficient floorstander. In the Vann's closeout you can get these (originally) $2500/pair floorstanders for $998/pair.

You can't lose with any of these and they are all unobtrusive while having unusual ability in filling a large space with sound.
Looks like I had it backwards. Mirage came out with their first Omniguide product, the Omnisat, around 2004. I believe the Duevel Planet came out in 2007 or 2008. Although Duevel has been around longer than that and has always made ingenious omnidirectional designs, the Planet with its spherical deflectors is a relatively recent product offering.