need help withTube and solid state together

Hello, I'm looking to do an upgrade on the gear, surely someone has figured out a gain match if you want to run a tube amp for hi/mid and an SS for Low end without getting into an active crossover. Also is there any other issues besides the gain for matching amps. My pre is a cary slp03 running my Snell type aIII. Thanks for any help as I don't have a great understanding on this subject.
Basically the tube amp running the mid/tweeters will be outputing a current that differs from the current supplied by the transistor amp suppling the woofers. In this fashion, the woofer and mid/tweeter levels will not match. If your transistor amp has an output gain control (like a Hafler for example) you would be able to adjust this; assuming of course that the solid state amp is the more powerful of the two.