Need help with woofers

I have carver ameizing platinum MARK IV and two of woofers are bad now so I should replace or re foam but nothing wrong electronically and any shop in Chicago area or burbs and here is my mail please feel free to contact me or if you know out of state shop the repair or sale same woofer please give me the info THANKS
If all that is wrong is the foam surround best to replace the foam instead of new woofers. Replacing the entire woofer is fraught with issues.
Foam is an easy fix.
Many kits for surround repair.
If you want a pro to do it...
The closest i know is Wisconsin Reconing. In Waukesha Wi.
I am certain other near you too.
Wisconsin Reconing is two guys who really are meticulous restorers.
You should try Van L speaker works They are on the northside of chicago on Western ave.I had him do some speakers a numbers ago he did a very nice job.Warning He also is a speaker builder and will likely pitch you his designs.