Need help with wiring new Paradigms?

I am new at all of this,so bear with me. I just purchased some new V5 Paradigm Monitors. A pair of Titans,CC-290 and a pair of Mini Monitors which I am going to use as surrounds. I have to wait now until my new Onkyo receiver arrives before I hook everything up. What do I need to buy now as far as speaker wire and connectors? Are there better brands of speaker wire? How about connectors? Dont know where to start. Thanks for the info.
I would hook up which ever wire you chosose w/banana conectors on the Rec. end and on the spk. end bare wire for convenience. However, I have always felt bare wire connections sound the best. If you decide on bananas, "Tributaries" makes a realy good connector w/two set screws that cost around $7 ea. The next question is, will the wire show on the walls? If so, maybe they should blend in w/the colour of the walls. Honestly, I'm using Monster XP navaho white for this reason. You may look into Tara Labs "Klara" as well. Another great sounding inexpensive cables is Kimber 4VS. This, and 8VS is what I'm using on two other systems w/great results. (I'm using the 4VS on some Paradigm Phantom V4. Sounds great!) Hope this helps, Bill.
A great, inexpensive banana connector is from a company called Knukonceptz and they're sold on ebay in sets of four for $2 each. They're gold-plated beryllium copper, have two set-screws per terminal and are the BFA-style that give you a lot more contact area than standard bananas. I've used quite a few of them for DIY speaker cables and been very happy with the quality and how easy they are to attach or remove. The weird name makes them pretty easy to find by doing a search on ebay.

And a good, inexpensive cable is Canare StarQuad, model 4s11 if you need big conductors, 4s8 or 4s6 if you don't need to pull as much current. Available online from places like