need help with virgos

I just purchased a pair of Virgos about three weeks ago. My previous speakers are Spica TC60's which are stand-mounted two ways. Although the Virgo's have more detail than my Spica's, and are more dynamic, there is something wrong with the midrange. There is no power in the midrange. I notice this on saxophone and guitar (not acoustic) passages. Despite the smaller Spica, when a low note was hit on a sax it came at you and shook the room. It was deep and chesty, like real life. The Virgo's midrange sounds real small. Also all my CD's sound like they were recorded in an enormous room now, even the studio cuts. Is this more accurate?
The posts I read on the Virgo's are all raves, especially regarding the mid's. Something is wrong or I am jaded. I want to know if anyone has had a similar experience and if anything can be done. My system is Sony 777 SACD, AI L1 preamp, CJ 11A, MIT.
My best guess would be a mismatch with the MIT or the positioning....have you referred to Immedia's web-site? I would also refer your questions to Immedia as they are the US distributor and very helpful.
Strangely enough I own the TC-60 and until recently owned virgo's. What you are describing is consistent with my experiences. The virgo's do not have as much body as the tc-60, especially if you have the tc-60's near a wall. One of the virgo's few flaws/characteristics is a somewhat lightweight presentation. It may just be the wrong speaker for you. You might give the proac or vandersteen line a listen. The vandersteens especially have a similar presentation.

To get more body out of the speaker, try a) putting the floor spikes on , b) put them about 6-8 inches from a wall and listen to them in more of a farfield setting (you will lose some of the magical imaging trick), and C) put a big solid state amp or powerhouse tube amp on them. I have never added a subwoofer, but that might help. Putting a big amp on them really does bring out their bass - it changes them quite a bit.

Even with these changes, you will never make the virgo a big voiced speaker. It is designed for low level detail, precision and speed at the sacrifice of instrument weight.
I had a similar experience with another AP speaker and it was mostly the placement of the speakers. The rest of my problem was room and furniture interaction. I corrected mine, to a great extend, by placing the speakers about 3.5 ft from the wall and 7 ft appart. You can also review the schematic at Immedia on speaker placement. My associated equipment are SS.

Good luck.
Your problem does not come as good news to me; because I am anticipating buying the Virgos or higher. Nevertheless,let me say I have heard them a few times, and set up is critical. I heard them with my own big band CD and driven by an expensive tube amp, and they sounded very good.I was not clear as to what amp you have, but I agree with the other audiogoner, put a big amp behind them; also, there impedance is a bit tricky. Also, I also would recommend a new cable like the Analysis Plus Oval 9 cooper.(You can probably buy it from Audio Advisor and return it if you don't like it; check their return policy. This cable if you can believe the reviews should open up the mid-range. I think the MIT is not a good choice for this speaker. I have been using MIT term 2 with B&W for the last four years and am convinced this cable compresses the dynamic range. It was an improvement over the Monster Reference hose I used---more coherent but MIT lacks dynamic range. Good Luck