Need Help with Value

Hi Everyone. I'm new here and I'm hoping you all might be able to lend some insight for me. My father was a huge lover of top-of-the-line equipment. He passed away about 30 years ago and I have been sitting on his equipment since then. I am now looking to sell the equipment. I know the stuff is great, but i just don't know what to ask. here is what I have: Dynavector 3000 Gold pre-amp, Dynavector 8100 (#3 and #5), Dynavector 8250, JA Michell Hydraulic Reference turntable, Dynavector DV-505 tonearm. I am really at a loss about the 8100, 8250 and 3000 Gold...I know how rare they are - but I just don't know what to ask for them. Any unbiased advise would be really, really appreciated! Thanks much everyone!

while rare, condition is everything. so, first try to test all the units for function and sound. once you have that done you will be in a better position to price.
Leonard, welcome to this wacky world.

In doing a quick search of your Fathers gear it's apparent this is from a period when some great designs were created but the market was small. It's easy to say that since then much has changed and so have the improvements. Still, nostalgia may play a factor here.

The value may be subjective. You've already waited thirty years, I'd strongly suggest you take your time. Gather as much knowledge as you can via the internet.

On a more professional level you might want to get some input from Art Dudley (try Facebook or Stereophile).

There is someone out there who would love to own this gear and pay a fair price for it. The trick is in the advertising. One method would be to list the entire set here or on eBay with an incredibly high reserve price just to see what kind response it gets.

The idea is you want this stuff listed for enough time so that particular collector has a chance to see it listed.
I would take those into a good repair shop and get a tech to test the units and let you know what is needed to get them in reasonable working shape. It is likely that there will be some worn out parts from age. You can then decide to have them fixed up and sell them or sell them knowing what they will need to have done. Without that, it will be a crapshoot for anybody looking at them.

You can sell them here through a listing or an auction.

I googled the models and they look absolutely gorgeous. I bet it would be fun to set them up and use them yourself