Need help with two subs and external crossover....

Ok, I own two Final Sound subs that I run off my preamp. I no longer want to use the crossover built into the plate amps as they don't allow me to crossover low enough - below 40htz.

I will need to purchase an external crossover for my subs only which I can set to 30 htz and below. I don't want to spend more than $300 or so and would like to hear suggestions.
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I have a HSU High End Cross-over unit approx one yr old which I no longer use.  After much experimenting with my HSU ULS 15 MK2s and Harbeth m30.2s I decided to do what it sounds like you want to do - run my Harbeths full-range (to 50Hz and cross-over the subs just above (around 60 Hz).  Works for me without the external cross-over.  If you would be interested in the HSU high end cross-over let me know and I think we could work something out.

On another note, I looked you up on Agon for an unrelated reason.  I am switching out my Audible Illusions L3A line stage for a PS Audio BHK pre.  The BHK offers the opportunity to run balanced interconnects, as opposed to the AI.  I ran across your name in reference to Duelund ICs. Have read good things about them. However I'm not DIYer and you were suggested as a source for finished ICs.  What are your thoughts on the Duelund and do you sell finished cables?  

Daniel Gale
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May I suggest miniDSP ? but also, how are you measuring your setup?
I'm really not that sophisticated when it comes to measurements.  Intend to trust my ears.  I do use an Anti-mode 8033
I use this Dayton Audio SA1000 to drive & integrate my two subs. 18-80Hz with EQ.