Need help with turntable set up

I had a VPI Aries II with a Lyra Helikon cartridge as my previous set up. After nine months I bought another table. I got a Michell Gyro SE with a ClearAudio Virtuoso cartidge. My pre amp is a Spectron Model 10. Everything worked fine with the Vpi/Lyra set up. Now I'm all set up with this new table. When I select the phono from my pre. My left channel just shuts down on my Spectron Musician II. As if a short or overload has taken place. Any suggestions?
Be very sure your phono lead connections at the cartridge are properly done. After that, consider isolating the source of the problem by switching the right channel (the one that appears to be OK) into the left, at the cartridge, at the preamp, at the amp. Good luck.
Thanks for the response Jameswei. I'm not getting any sound from the right channel either when I'm in phono mode. If I switch to another souce like tuner, player. That's when I notice the left channel is out. Then I have sound from th right side. But if I switch back to phono I get no sound at all. I have the cartridge hooked up correct via four color codes...
Next step: install another cartridge. Nice lateral move, BTW.
Once a long time ago, I got screwed up trusting cartridge color codes, so I always go to the directions now.

If you can confirm the left channel of your Spectron Musician II isn't disabled, I would recommend you get the Spectron Model 10 checked out. I mean, otherewise at least your other sources should have been playing OK. It all could be something as simple as a malfunctioning source selector switch. Good luck.