Need help with tubes for AES AE-3

I have just purchsed a AE-3 and Im loving what this little fellow does for my system. I would never have thought that a tubed preamp could open up the music the way this does. The preamp came with the stock Chinese tubes and I know that its sonic signature can only be improved upon by replacing the tubes.

Since Im new to the tube craze, Im not sure where to start with "tube rolling". I would like to find a tube that has a effortless high end, great low end punch, and a midrange that you would die for. Does such a tube exist? What different tubes should I look at?

Thanks, Kris
If you like the stock tubes, you have not heard nothing yet! Call Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio. When my stock tubes took a dive in my AE-3, I contacted Kevin. He recommended a pairs of Sylvania Chrome Dome 6SN7 NOS. In my system the stock tube were great. The Sylvania’s are even better. Well worth the money.
I should have mentioned the tube......its a 6SN7
In my experiences with 6SN7, the Sylvanias were always the best sounding. The older the better. WGT, VT-231, GT, GTA, are the better ones, GTB had 4 versions with the oldest being the best. Some call them Chrome Domes. I am running brown base WGT right now and they are sweet.
I agree with the above statements. The Sylvanias are the best sounding. I do have a pair of Tungsols GT that don't sound bad. Kevin will steer you in the right direction. Good listening!
At $6.95 each, Sovteks sound pretty good to me but it depends on your whole system (synergy) and what you like. I've tried Sylvania chrome domes and thought they had a warm but soft midrange that just didn't work in my system for classical guitar, cello, and piano (my favorites).