Need help with Surround processor

Dear All...

Any similiar surround processor like Theta Casanova ? other brand I mean...

Thanks for your help
I don't know about similar, but you might want to take a look at the Primare pre/pro. It retails for around $4k and I've compared it's sonics are very competitive to the Pass Labs X-1 and X 2.5 solid state 2-channel preamps as well as other more and less expensive preamps.

The Pass Labs preamps are imo excellent preamps for the money.

Primare is a Swedish co. that has been around for quite some time. Their products in the 90's were quite esoteric and expensive. They appear to have toned down the esoteric part and the price but not the performance.

It's a minimalist pre/pro with true analog when in the 2-channel by-pass mode.

Meridian 568, Lexicon, Proceed (discontinued), Outlaw, Anthem, B&K. There are many. Not all have analog pass thru's.

Of course there is the Casablanca and Meridian 800 series.
I love my Aragon Stage One. analog bypass was the most important feature. I can tell the difference on two channel material, which is very important to me. less noise, better channel separation, better frequency balance. the other features of the processing are nice too.
Thanks for all your response.. what I mean similiar is that I hear casanova is more live rather than lexicon... even on MC-8.., still confuse which one have similiar 'live' sound like casanova
Have had 568 in system since 01. Previous processors were Lexicon and Fosgate units .The 568 is far and away superior to either on both DSP modes and 2 channel in every respect.Meridian just seems to get digital right.....
Thanks for all your response.. I've got Casanova already and it's on the way... thanks a lot
I just bought the Outlaw PM-950, and I would honestly put it in with many in this group. It's just a shade less sweet than the casanova, but it's also under $800. I'm certainly not ashamed to pair it with a pass x5.