Need help with Sumiko MMT tonearm

I have emailed Sumiko and asked these questions, but they say the MMT arm is too old and they can't find the information! What is the preferred damping fluid for this arm and how much should be put in the reservoir? What is the effective mass of this arm? Mine has the Sumiko HS-12 improved headshell, which I believe is heavier than the original. TIA.

Go to Lot's of information there.
Good Luck
Dave, I'll tell you what I remember. I owned the arm 15 years ago.

1. The damping fluid that was supplied with the are was a silicon fluid and very viscous. Fill the reservior. I found that is over damped the tonearm. Try something like 3 in 1 oil instead.

2. You are aware that the level of damping is adjustible. To adjust turn the screw on top of the gimbal assembly counterclockwise to decrease the damping and clockwise to increase the damping. Increase or decrease the damping in quarter turn increments until you get the best defined and extended bass.

3. I believe the effective mass was 8 or 10 grams.
I think an old Sterophile review of the MMT listed it at 14 grams. However, I used it with a Grado Sanata and the resonant base frequencey was in the 10 to 12 cycle range. So the real mass my be closer to 12 grams