Need help with subwoofer connection

I am currently running my CD player straight into my amplifier; therefore, by passing a preamp. I want to add a powered subwoofer for a fuller sound. I am thinking of using a Y-connector (1 male to 2 female) from my CD player, with one line going to the amp and other line going to the sub. Will this work? Thanks in advance for all your help.
Does your subwoofer have a "high pass" connection? High pass is connected to the speaker terminals along with your speaker cable. This is the preferred way to run a subwoofer for audio in the opinion of many including me. With high pass the sub compliments the main speakers instead of replacing the bass with a crossover.

My speaker cables have spades, so I used bananas for the subwoofer and plugged it in back. If you have not bought a subwoofer yet, take a look at REL. Very easy to connect and integrate with your main speakers.

Does the "high pass" option uses the sub's amp to drive the main speakers? If so, isn't this set up similar to a satelite/subwoofer set up? I would think that the amp's power is "cleaner" than the sub's amp. Please correct me if I am naive at this observation.
No, Your main power amp powers the main speakers. The high-pass connection only sends a signal to the sub of the same bass information your main speakes get. The sub uses its own amplifier to produce the low bass information your main speakers do not produce or produce well. This is how the sub compliments the bass in your system when using the high-pass connnection. Since it is connected to the speaker terminals on your main amp, it is getting the same bass signal your main speakers get. Also since the powered sub has its own amplifier, it does not take power away from your main amp.
Sugar~ Oh, I am seeing it now. Sorry I am a little slow. Thanks for the advice.

Have anyone auditioned Vandersteen 2W sub against any of REL's sub?

The Vandersteen is also a very nice sub. There are 2 models 2W currently. One for HT the other for Audio. (There is a another letter after the "W"). The 2W will only work connected between a preamp and power amp with a crossover I believe. The crossover sends the entire bass signal to the sub replacing the bass driver on your main speakers. This is different from RELs approach of complimenting the main speakers playing full range. The Vandersteen approach works well with some systems because since the main speaker is freed from doing bass duty the amp has more power to drive the midrange and highs. (Works well with Vandersteens of course!!) I prefer the REL approach because I like the sound of my main speaker playing full, I just wanted deeper bass without changing the overall sound.
I to reccomend the REL, easy to "dail in". I use a Velodyne HGS 18" for movies and thought it would also be good for audio, but the my "little" Rel Stadium is much easier to set up and "faster". The Vandersteen 2W compares favorably with Rel's midrange (Stratus, Storm), whereas the Rel Stadium, Stentor are better, at least to my ears. Both are quite good --it's whatever sounds best with YOUR system that sdhould sway your decision. If you've got the budget, go for a pair. --Lorne