Need help with Squeezebox Touch

I have 2 SBTs. My iPad has lost communication with both of them. Neither one of them is "found" when I "search for players" on the iPad. They are both connected to my network, one on the wireless network, and one wired.
On the iPad, I have both ipeng, and the Logitech app for iPad. Neither app can find the SBTs. The Logitech server on my server (iMac) is running.
What do I need to do to re-establish control with the iPad?
reboot the computer with LMS and restart LMS.

WHen LMS is back up and running, unplug SB device and plug
back in (if needed). Device will reboot and should connect to server if
only one server is running. If more than one LMS is
running, use the SB menu to choose which to connect to.

Controller program on Ipad should see and list any SB
devices attached to the server when it connects to the LMS.

Hope that helps.
Thanks Mapman. I followed your advise. The iPad now detects one SBT,
but not the other. Maybe the undetected SBT is not connected to the
server (?). It is connected to the network. I will try that next. Any other
suggestions ? .....Thanks, Matt

Try rebooting the unattached SB again now that the server is clearly running and the other atteched.

Use the menu on teh device to select and attach to the server if needed. Its possible this might be needed even if only one server is detected and nothing else to choose from.
Hi Mapman,
I followed your suggestion on 1/30, to no avail. However, I was using the " undetected" SBT today using it's touchscreen, while browsing the web on my iPad. I brought up the iPad SBT controller, and after a minute or so, it detected both SBTs. I am not sure why, but it is working now. Go figure.
anyway, thanks for your help. ...Matt