Need help with speakers for HT

Just bought EAD PM1000 to match with my EAD TM Encore. Need 5 channel speakers to complete my set. This is only to be used for HT and not 2 channel stereo. Room size is 20x15 feet. I have the M&K MX125 Mark II as a subwoofer. Willing to spend to $5,000.

I would recommend the Accarian Alon line for HT. These speakers new are a good value. Find them used, and they are a GREAT value. I use Alon II mkII's as my front (L/R), I use an Alon Center channel and Alon Petites for rears. I get all of them used for around $2k total. New, I think they run about $5k.

The Alon line is both great for HT and 2 channel.

How about B&W Nautilus 805 for surrounds with the Nautilus center channel.