need help with speakers $1200 hopefully less

building audionote kits pre and monoblocks. need speaker. leaning to totem vienna acoustics meadowlark? others? what has happened to all the tyler speakers over the years?
Need to know more about what you're looking for sonically before making any meaningful recommendations.
not really sure about sonics but i like to listen jazz krall, barber, fourplay. have a small room. would like floorstanders i think. nothing too bright. i had vr4 before loved them.
It's $195 over budget, but given your room size and musical tastes, the Rega RS3 seems made to order. A great little, elegantly made, floorstander.
I listen to Barber and Krall too, and with that music I'd especially want good imaging and soundstaging along with excellent midrange reproduction among other things. The Silverline Preludes would be a very nice option, and there's a used pair of Joseph Audio RM22s for sale that might be even better. Best of luck in your search.
For the kind of music you like (Jazz), small room footprint, and budget I would recommend you take advantage of either Totem Model 1s currently selling in Agon for $800.00 and $880.00 respectively. I doubt you will find a better speaker for your taste in music than the Model 1s.
Silverline "Prelude II" (mAKE SURE THEY ARE VERSION II). The last retail I saw on them was $1495, but you should be able to score a mint or clean pair between $900-1200 They are a column speaker with a small footprint, and take up little space.

They work nicely with copper based speaker cables like Analysis Plus Oval 11 or upgrade to Audio Art SC5e speaker cable. Once they break in, and depending on your equipment, they can compete with any speaker $5000 and under.

One other contender is the Totem Arro which is grossly overpriced at almost $2000. Even used, they are expensive, but the imaging is excellent.