Need help with speaker wire for quad ESL 57's

Just refurbished a pair of quad 57's. Using El34 based tube amp and need some help with suggestions for speaker cable for these quads. I have read that the 57's do well with a low-inductance type speaker wire ? Not sure exactly what that means for sure. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Much
I have two suggestions, Magnan signatures(MS) and Gortz(GO). Both are flat cables and are excellent with all speakers but are an especially synergestic combo with electrostatics. The MS is one of the best speaker cables available and is what I personally use. It's expensive($1000 /8ft pair) but would be my first choice. The GO is a more moderately priced choice but offers a lot for the money especially the copper.
You might want to contact Duke At Audiokinesis who has far more expertise with electrostatic speakers than myself.
I agree with above. I'd also look at Acoustic Zen Satori and Empirical Audio Clarity.
Thanks for your help and suggestions, I will investigate these further as you suggest, thanks to both of you for your time.